About Therapy

I am often asked what kinds of counselling I do: best answer 

  • Mood Problems (Anxiety, Depression, Anger, etc)
  • Martial/Relationship
  • ​Bereavement, Trauma
  • Addiction - all types
  • Other Mental Health
  • Family/Parenting
  • Career/Work
  • ...And More...

Vanderwater     Counselling 

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Personal Counselling in Winnipeg

     Since 2005, I have been serving my clientele in private practice. My approach to therapy is intuitive, collaborative and disruptive. I believe helping is as much art as science. Good therapy emerges from forging a relationship of trust; identifying sources of distress, and establishing methods of meaningful change. 

Credentials: Master of Arts Degree Counselling (M.A.) Providence Seminary (2000) Undergrad - English & Psychology, Lakehead University.


Alan is very happily married; he and his wife have 2 sons.